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can anyone help me to solve this exercise?

Please help me to solve it..

var paris = {
 ["population", 2.211],
  ["latitude", 48.8567],
  ["longitude", 2.3508]
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  <title>JavaScript Objects</title>
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Romain Gaget
Romain Gaget
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your syntax is incorrect, try this:

var paris = {
 population: 2.211,
  longitude: 2.3508
Zain Sra
Zain Sra
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Hello , What you're trying to create is an object containing 3 arrays and within each array you're storing a string and a value.

Challenge wanted you to create an object of paris, and an object in javascript is made up of key and value pairs separated by a colon.

Solution :

var paris = {
  population : 2.211e6,
  latitude : '48.8567 N',
  longitude : 2.3508

The above code creates an object names paris with following properties:

  1. population = 2.211e6
  2. latitude = 48.8567 N
  3. longitude = 2.3508

and you can access a property of object like this ,

var pop = paris[population];

The above code will print , 2.211e6 which is the value stored against the key "population" in the object paris.

I hope it answers your question, Happy Coding !

  • Zain