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Can anyone help me what's wrong with my program

# Create a new empty list named shoping_list
shopping_list = []
# Create a function named add_to_list that declares a parameter named item
def add_to_list(item):
    # add the item to the list
    #Notify user that the item was added, and state the number of items in the list currently
    print("Added! list has {}items.".format(len(shopping_list)))
def show_help():
    print("What should we pick up at the store?")
Enter 'DONE' to stop adding items.
Enter 'HELP' for this help.
while True:
    new_item = ("> ")
    if new_item == "DONE":
    elif new_item == "HELP":
    # Call add_to_list with new_item as an argument

When I run it in the console suspicious type of result found.

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Seth Kroger
Seth Kroger
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It looks like you got some typo-blindness going on. Everyone gets it at some point. On the line inside the loop you forgot to type "input" for the input function. So you are simply adding the same string to the list in an infinite loop.