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Can I get a break down of why rather than a narration of what is being typed? Its more of a do as I say course.

I am new to C# and get the basic concepts of what Json is and why it needs to be converted but this course is just watching an instructor saying what they type rather than explain in detail why. I'd rather the code be done and just talk bout it. I dont need to hear key strokes and see misspellings. So what does each line do?

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Tyler B
Tyler B
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Some of what is being shown I believe was discussed at length earlier (file streams) and others will be discussed in further detail moving forward as I recall.

I will say though sometimes it's good/okay to accept that things can be a black box and still useful as long as we are getting what we need (i.e. Json go in, C# object comes out) from them. That being said Microsoft has tons of docs on all this if you want to dig in separately, like they say in the video most of code work is reading docs.

This one does seem to take a big leap forward compared to some of the earlier lessons.