Python Python Collections (2016, retired 2019) Slices sillyCase

can I get an answer to this question for reference? it's really bothering when I get stuck and cant find anything to see

like i'm not sure what it means to "create a function", and i don't want to go all the way back to dig up the video and watch to watch. instead i would want to have a reference answer to read the code, understand it and then try work it out myself. it's really bothering when code challenges have literally NOTHING to reference.

I'm currently reading a python coding book as well and it provides reference codes to all the coding tasks, this helps immensely.

Also I understand that some of you would say "but there's the community and you can ask questions there". My situation is that I have a very tight learning schedule and couldn't really afford the time to post in the community board EVERY SINGLE time that i am stuck and wait 24 hours for an answer.

Currently i am at the point of giving the Treehouse classes up because of this strange structure (that you provide answers to all the simple quiz questions but NO answer to the HARDEST KIND of TEST - code challenges) and just go read a coding book. But i don't want to because i have already paid that much tuition and are half way through this course. So if anyone can reach out to the Treehouse staff, it would be greatly appreciated to give me answers to the code challenges so i can pull out to look at when i am stuck.