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Can I turn on 'auto preload' on videos of treehouse?

I have slow internet connection so that video takes loading again and again when I watch..

So it is very difficult for me to learn, its very irritating..

That is why I am asking to preload videos so that I start video and pause it and waits to video get loaded and then view it without buffering as we watch youtube videos..

Is there any way to do this, if not then tell me how to watch video in low quality.....

I am suffering a lot from all this bufferings and loadings, Plzzzzz help me..

1 Answer

Javier Alvarado
Javier Alvarado
16,060 Points

I've never faced this problem, but one thing you might be able to do is download the videos and watch them offline. You can download the standard definition version to make the download process faster and could even try downloading them overnight if it takes a really long time.