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Angjelin Malaj
Angjelin Malaj
5,983 Points

Can somebody Help me with this assignment because I am new to java and I would like to know an example of this solution!

Write a programs that given an arrays of coin flips list and count the number of heads or tails as follow:


coinFlips = { "Tail", "Tail", "Head", "Tail", "Tail", "Tail", "Head", "Head", "Tail", "Head" };



  1. index 2

  2. index 6

  3. index 7

  4. index 9

Total heads: 4


  1. index 0

  2. index 1

  3. index 3

  4. index 4

  5. index 5

  6. index 8

Total tails: 6


Add a method that randomly generates and return the array coinFlips

1 Answer

Filipe S Jonson
Filipe S Jonson
10,381 Points
package questions;

import java.util.Random;

 * Created by lispa on 02/05/2016.
public class Teamtreehouse {
    public static void main(String[] args) {
        String[] coinFlips  = coinFlipGenerator(); //calling the method coinFlipGenerator in order to generate the string

        System.out.printf("Heads:\n"); // printing the word Heads
        result("Head",coinFlips);      // calling the method and passing the variables needed , Head and the array

        System.out.printf("Tail:\n");   //printing the word Heads
        result("Tail",coinFlips);       //calling the method and passing the variables needed , Tail and the array

    public static void result(String word, String[] coinFlips) {
        int count = 0;  // creating ta a variable to count the numbers of heads or tails

        for (int i = 0; i < coinFlips.length; i++) {    // for looping trough the array
            if (coinFlips[i] == word){          // verifies if the array index contains the word
                count += 1;                     // if it contains add the variable count + 1 "count = count + 1;"
                System.out.printf(count + ".index " + i + "\n");    // print in the screen (the actual count + i = the array index)
        System.out.printf("Total " + word + "s: " + count + "\n");  // print the count

    public static String[] coinFlipGenerator(){
        String[] coinFlips = new String[9];     // declare the array

        Random randomGenerator = new Random();      // declare a random variable for future use

        for (int i = 0; i < coinFlips.length; i++) {
            int zeroOrOne = randomGenerator.nextInt(2);     // the randomGenerator.nextInt(2) is going to generate a number between 0 and 1 
            if(zeroOrOne == 0){                             // if it's 0 the array index will receive Head 
                coinFlips[i] = "Head";
            }else {
                coinFlips[i] = "Tail";                      // if it's 1 the array index will receive Tail
        return coinFlips;               // return the random array