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JavaScript DOM Scripting By Example Improving the Application Code Refactor 1: Create List Items

Can someone explain what is wrong with my code

Okay, their are definitely some things wrong with my code, I was trying to re-factor it, and it's really not working, can someone tell me the correct answer and explain everything I did wrong, there is a lot, I know. However, I would really appreciate it if someone took the time to help me.

const form = document.querySelector('#registrar');
const input = form.querySelector('input');
const ul = document.querySelector('#invitedList');

const main = document.querySelector('.main');
const div = document.createElement('div');
const label = document.createElement('label');
const filter = document.createElement('input');

main.insertBefore(div, ul);
filter.type = 'checkbox';
label.textContent = 'Show Selected Items';

filter.addEventListener('change', function filter(e) {
 const unchecked = ul.children;
 if(e.target.tagName === 'INPUT') {
  for(let i = 0; i < ul.children.length; i += 1) {
    let li = ul[i];
   if (li.className === 'responded') {
    li.style.display === '';      
  } else {
    li.style.display = 'none';
function createLI(text) {
  function createElement(elementName, property, value) {
    const element = document.createElement(elementName);
    element[property] = value;
    return element;
  function appendElement(elementName, property, value) {
    const element = createElement(elementName, property, value)
    element = li.appendChild(element);
    return element;

  const text= input.value;

  const li = document.createElement('li');

  const span = createElement('span', 'textContent', 'text');

  const label = document.createElement('label');
  label.textContent ='Confirmed';
  const checkbox = document.createElement('input');
  checkbox.type = 'checkbox';  

  const editButton = createElement('button', 'textContent', 'Edit')

  const removeButton = document.createElement('button');
  removeButton.textContent = 'Remove';

  return li;

form.addEventListener('submit', function submit(name) {
  const text = input.value;
  input.value = '';
  const li = createLI(text);

ul.addEventListener('change', function styling(e) {
  const checkbox = e.target;
  const checked = e.target.checked;
  const listItem = checkbox.parentNode.parentNode;
  if (checked) {
    listItem.className = 'responded';
  } else {
    listItem.className = '';

ul.addEventListener('click', function remove(e) {
const listItem = e.target.parentNode;
const ul = listItem.parentNode;
const button = e.target;
const li = button.parentNode;
 if (button.tagName == 'BUTTON') {
     if (button.textContent === 'Remove') {
   } else if (button.textContent === 'Edit') {
     const span = li.firstElementChild;
     const input = document.createElement('input');
     input.type = 'text';
     input.value = span.textContent;
     li.insertBefore(input, span);
     button.textContent = 'Save';
   } else if (button.textContent === 'Save') {
     const input = li.firstElementChild;
     const span = document.createElement('span');
     span.textContent = input.value; 
     li.insertBefore(span, input);
     button.textContent = 'Edit';
Steven Parker
Steven Parker
229,005 Points

A snapshot of your workspace would make it possible to replicate your environment (and would include the complete code, including the HTML part which is not shown here).

It would also be helpful if you describe "really not working" in a bit more detail.