iOS Swift Basics Swift Operators Working With Operators: Part 2

milo adam
milo adam
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Can someone explain what they are asking me to do?


// Enter your code below

var initialScore = 8
initialScore += 1

let isWinner != 10

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Jason Anders
Jason Anders
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Hi milo adam

You are on the right track. There's just a small step missing from your code. Right now you are assigning to the constant isWinner of not equal to 10, but What? isn't equal to 10? The task is looking for you to assign the result of comparing the initialScore to the Integer 10.

let isWinner = initialScore != 10

If you're new to coding, this line may look strange but essentially what it is saying is "compare initialScore to 10" and if "it does not equal 10, then return True and assign it to the constant named isWinner.

I hope this helps! :)

Nice work. :dizzy: