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Can someone please help me with this task?? I am stuck:

In the code provided, there are two if statements. The second if statement displays a message IF the user role is not equal to "admin". We want to display separate messages based on the role of the logged in user. First we're going to add a message for our admin and keep the current message as the default.

Step 1: Change the second if statement to a switch statement

Step 2: Keep the current message as the default.

Step 3: Add a second check to the switch statement for the role of "admin" and display the following message:

As an admin, you can add, edit, or delete any post.

//Available roles: admin, editor, author, subscriber
if (!isset($role)) {
    $role = 'subscriber';

//change to switch statement
if ($role != 'admin') {
    echo "You do not have access to this page. Please contact your administrator.";
} switch
Pontus Bolmér
Pontus Bolmér
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That is not the way you create a switch, you might wanna go back and read about it, instead of someone giving you the answer!