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Louis Joyce
Louis Joyce
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Can we kill the Bummer Error forever?

I can't be the only one that feels this way.

The code challenge engine is very poor at giving helpful feedback. I don't understand why it doesn't allow you to properly debug your code without having to copy/paste it into a Workspace. You can get errors that are incredibly generic without providing guidance as to what you did wrong. In some cases, I've ended up resorting to swiping an answer from the forums when I would much rather have worked it out myself - it usually is because my output does not exactly match what the challenge engine expects, but it is difficult to tell because I am not able to see either the expected output nor my own program's output.

I wish the code challenges worked more like's, where you can see whatever your program outputs (including print statements for more helpful debugging), plus the expected output.

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Front End Web Development Techdegree Graduate 56,482 Points

Hi Louis Joyce,

I think you would do well to send this feedback directly to Treehouse as well. This way we can make sure they receive it. Use this email:

I agree with you, it could be much better. And we could help them improve it by giving them the feedback.

Cheers for bringing this up.

Eduardo Valencia
Eduardo Valencia
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I agree. You should be able to figure out the issue by seeing the entire error, and not just be left to guess. I think errors should have a dedicated panel.