Python Python Collections (2016, retired 2019) Dictionaries String Formatting with Dictionaries

aditya verma
aditya verma
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Cannot identify the problem

The code gives the required output, but its not being accepted
def favorite_food(name,food):
    return "Hi, I'm {} and I love to eat {}!".format(name,food)

Here are some hints (actual passing code available as answer):

  1. leave the input as dict (which is a single positional paramater, instead of spliting it into two)
  2. for simplicity assign your name and food variables based on keys of dict
  3. construct your string.format with those variables

1 Answer

def favorite_food(dict):
    name = dict['name']
    food = dict['food']
    return "Hi, I'm {name} and I love to eat {food}!".format(name=name, food=food)