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Jorge Diaz
Jorge Diaz
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cannot load such file -- 2.1/pg_ext and other Errors

I was running this Tutorial using Rails 4, Windows 7 and a PostgreSQL 9.4 local server. I encountered some problems which others may have encountered.

1) You need the puma gem as well as OpenSSL as shown in this tutorial:

Make sure you add 'puma' to your gem file.

2) Install the toolbelt for Windows

3) I needed to completely remove sqlite3 from the project (gems and gemlock)

NOTE:: The current version of postgress did not support ruby 2.1 therefore I needed to use the pre-release.

gem 'pg', '~> 0.18.0.pre20141117110243'

Follow the instructions here:

4) When setting up your databases.yml. I needed to specify a user and password on your development and test database.

In my pgAdminIII tool created a Superuser login role (along with password). I then added this username and password to the database definitions found in databases.yml. For example:

username: the_user password: the_password

Note that I also define the encoding to be unicode in the database.yml.

encoding: unicode

The rake db:create command worked after that.

Heroku may throw a warning about Windows Gem Lock. I made sure that to specify the gem versions I was using in the gem file.