JavaScript AJAX Basics (retiring) AJAX and APIs Stage 4 Challenge Answer

cannot read property 'm' of undefined

This is my code:


$(document).ready( function () {
    $('form').submit(function (evt){
        var $tag = $('#search').val();
        var url = '';
        var data = {
            tags: $tag,
        function callback (response) {
            $.each(response, function (i, photo){
            var photosHTML = '<li class = "grid-25 tablet-grid-50">';
                photosHTML += '<a href = " ' + +  ' " class = "image">'; 
                photosHTML += '<img src = " ' + + ' "></img></a></li>';
        $.getJSON(url, data, callback)
    }); // event listener
}); // doc ready

The weird thing is that there's no such problem with the '' property. I already checked the JSON file that I get as response and it includes the property. What I am doing wrong?

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Steven Parker
Steven Parker
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But I manged to decipher it and noticed several differences from the video code:

  • the "each" is looping through the data object directly and not the "items" property (causing the main issue)
  • the list items are not being wrapped in the <ul> element
  • each list item overwrites the previous one(s) instead of adding to them

I see, thank you very much as always!