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Cannot text transform my .section-title

Code for class adding: <h2 class="section-title">Summary of Qualifications</h2>

CSS code for section-title: .section-title { text-transform:capitalize; }

The program doesn't recognize capitalize as a command (it isn't blue), but does recognize the text-transform command (orange) Here it is, hope you can help me because I am too frustrated with it right now...

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First I changed resume.html to Resume.html in index.html to match the case of the file name. In Resume.html I didn't see:

<h2 class="section-title">Summary of Qualifications</h2>.

It is just:

<h2>Summary of Qualifications</h2>

without the class attribute.

Here is an updated snapshot with the two fixes. The only difference in styling 'Summary of Qualifications' with capitalize is now the O in Of is capitalized.

charlie g
charlie g
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Hello Andrew, you forgot to add the class="section-title" in Resume.html

Ah just had been doing work too long and overlooked. Thank you!