Android Build an Interactive Story App Intents and Multiple Activities Using String Resources

Caleb Seeling
Caleb Seeling
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Cant end the Code Challenge.

I am trying to finish this. Tried some ideas couldn't find solution to it.
Button loadPuppiesButton = (Button) findViewById(;
Resources puppiesButton = getResources();
String buttonPuppies = puppiesButton.getString(R.string.morePuppies);
String buttonLabel = "";
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
  <string name="morePuppies">See More Puppies</string>

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Calin Bogdan
Calin Bogdan
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Howdy Caleb!

In the second task of the challenge you have to assign the string value stored in strings.xml to the buttonLabel String variable.

This worked for me just fine:

String buttonLabel = getString(R.string.morePuppies);

Afterwards, the third task asks you to use the buttonLabel variable to change the loadPuppiesButton text, instead of hard-coding it.

This one is a bit easier:

// loadPuppiesButton.setText("morePuppies");  changes to:

That would be all, hope it helped! :smile:
Good luck!