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Can't figure out how to use break properly on coding challenge in python

def loopy(items): for word in items: print(word) if items == "STOP": break

I've tried replacing word with items and moving the if statement to the same indentation as for.

Also how do I copy and paste code every time I try it just get condensed into one line

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Brandon Oakes
Brandon Oakes
Python Web Development Techdegree Student 11,500 Points

So it looks like your function is taking one argument(items), which I am assuming is a list. Then you have a for loop that is taking each element(word) in the list and is printing that element(word). Why don't you incorporate a if/else statement. You just have a if statement.

for word in items: if word == "STOP": break else: print(word)

the if/else statements will allow you to tell python "hey do this IF this is true, ELSE always do something else". Also in your code, you are looping through a list to look at WORD but you are telling python to break if ITEMS== "STOP".