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Harshavardhan Gangavarapu
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can't find error

class PezDispenser{ public static final int MAX_PEZ=12; final private String charecterName; private int pezCount;

public PezDispenser(String charecterName){ this.charecterName=charecterName; pezCount=0; } public void fill(){ fill(MAX_PEZ); }

public boolean dispense(){ boolean wasDispensed=false; if(!isEmpty()){ pezCount--; wasDispensed=true; } return wasDispensed; public boolean isEmpty(){ return pezCount==0; }

public String getCharecterName(){ return charecterName; }

public void fill(int pezAmount){ pezCount+=pezAmount; } } }

The error is:- error: not a statement
^ error: ';' expected
^ error: reached end of file while parsing
3 errors

Please help me out

1 Answer

First of all, it should be:

private final String charecterName;


final private String charecterName;

Next, I do not see a closing curly brace for your dispense() method.