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Can't find my app!

When I open a Nexus 5 as my AVD, my app does not automatically open. I am using Android Studio 2, which is one version higher that the video's.

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Roxana Jula
Roxana Jula
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Hey Jack! I would assume you clicked on the "AVD Manager" button which opened a view with "Your Virtual Devices", and here you started your Nexus 5 from the Actions column by clicking the green square ("Launch this AVD in the emulator"). If this is what you did, you only started the AVD, not the app as well.

To start the app you will have to click on the "Run app"(green square) from the toolbar. If you already started your Nexus 5 from the "AVD Manager" you will see it under "Connected Devices". If you hadn't, you will see "<none>" under "Connected Devices" but you will be able to choose one from the Available Virtual Devices which will automatically start the emulator and your app.

Hope this helps. :)

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Did you hit the run button?