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Can't get code to work although code perfectly matches.

Keep getting these errors

1.) Warning: Failed prop type: The prop history is marked as required in Router, but its value is undefined. in Router

2.) Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'location' of undefined at new Router (bundle.js:29871) at bundle.js:22920 at measureLifeCyclePerf (bundle.js:22700) at ReactCompositeComponentWrapper._constructComponentWithoutOwner (bundle.js:22919) at ReactCompositeComponentWrapper._constructComponent (bundle.js:22905) at ReactCompositeComponentWrapper.mountComponent (bundle.js:22813) at Object.mountComponent (bundle.js:15421) at ReactCompositeComponentWrapper.performInitialMount (bundle.js:22996) at ReactCompositeComponentWrapper.mountComponent (bundle.js:22883) at Object.mountComponent (bundle.js:15421)

Not sure what to do when my code matches up perfectly... Have re-written several times

I have figured this out.. When I installed react-router it gave me version 4.0.0 and this was not responding.. So i re-installed react-router at version 3.0.2 (npm install --save react-router@3.0.2) and this seemed to have fixed the problem.. Not sure if this is just a bug in the last react-router update or what.. But if anyone else comes across this problem just use an older version of react-router..