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Kostatinos Yacoumakis
Kostatinos Yacoumakis
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Can't get corresponding li to embolden.

I've tried many different approaches to this problem. The way I have it set right now is setting the const index to <= 2. That makes all list items bold when a number equal to and less than 2 is entered. I can't figure out how to get a list item to correspond to the number entered. What am I missing here?

1 Answer

Hey, we are looping through an array which contain all the li elements. the variable i represent each iteration of the loop. so all we need to do is check whether the variable i is equal to the index.

for example the user types 1 in the prompt, then the loop runs , the i = 0 and the index = 1, the condition isn’t true so the item isn’t bolded. then we are on the second iteration, i= 1 and the index is 1 so the condition is met and the specified li element get bolded.

i hope this was clear enough