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Marcus Schumacher
Marcus Schumacher
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Can't get try catch block to work properly

At the end of the video, he gets a nice clean error message from his try catch block. I can not get my try catch block to display the error.message

// require https module
const https = require('https');

function printMessage(username, badgeCount, points) {
    const message = `${username} had ${badgeCount} total badge(s) and ${points} points in Javascript`;

function getProfile(username) {
    // conect to the API URL (
    try {
        const request = https.get(`${username}.json`, response => {

            let body = "";
            // read the data
            response.on('data', data =>{
                body += data.toString();

            response.on('end', ()=>{
                // parse the data
                const profile = JSON.parse(body);
                // print out the information
                printMessage(username, profile.badges.length, profile.points.JavaScript);

        request.on('error', error => console.error(`Problem with request: ${error.message}`));
    } catch(error) { 
        console.error(error.message); // Why doesn't this work?
}// end getProfile()

const users = process.argv.slice(2);
users.forEach(username => {

1 Answer

Hey friend Marcus Schumacher , you have done everything correctly , just a little mistake .
Notice ,in the video , when Chalkers is showing you the example of throwing error , then in first example , he wrote www but in the second video :

  1. he has removed the whole www
  2. he also removed the whole https:// so URL is only But what you have done is , you have not removed www , it's still there . That's why , it's showing two error .
    One for 1 case and another for 2 case.
    Hope it will help :)