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can't install Selenium webdriver, "gyp: No Xcode or CLT version detected!"

Hello there, Is it a requirement to have Xcode installed in my system? First time then I tried to install via command "npm install selenium-webdriver" it has created two folders inside of the selenium-basics folder. However, after that I have tried to troubleshoot some errors in Node code and now I'm not able to even install webdriver inside the folder at all. Any thoughts/suggestions?

After installing Xcode I still have had some hard times with installing webdriver. However, after all the reinstallation of Node JS worked out for me.

Here's a guide on how to uninstall it completely: https://www.positronx.io/how-to-uninstall-node-js-and-npm-from-macos/

Install it again from the official website: https://nodejs.org/en/

Note: don't forget to allow the persimmon in System settings to install third-party software on your Mac.