Gregory Seccomb
Gregory Seccomb
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cant recognize an image in the img tag

So, for my unit one test i have to change the profile image and some other things. and when I go to change the photo of the background or profile image some of the photos wont display. I have it under the limit made the photos the same type of file(a .png or .jpg file). no matter what I do it will not display the photos I add to it. I can still display any photo added with the file in the first place.

Jason Anders
Jason Anders
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Hi Gregory Seccomb

If you've double checked the file names and paths and neither of those are the issue, it's a bit difficult to further assist with troubleshooting without seeing the HTML / CSS files.
If you are using Treehouse's Workspaces, could you share a Snapshot of the workspace.
If you are using a local editor, you can copy/paste the lines using Markdown.

This will help us to better assist in the troubleshooting and hopefully be able to solve the issue.

:) :dizzy:

1 Answer

Mark Sebeck
Mark Sebeck
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Are your images in a different folder? If so you have to add the folder to the image name like

<img src="images/pic.jpg" >

or is your html page in a subfolder? If so you have to move back to the root directory with ".." first

<img src="../images/pic.jpg" >