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Can't solve second task...

I don't understand the second task.

First task solved:

var initialScore = 8
initialScore += 1

But the second... I've tried so many things, I don't understand the question, I'm getting something to 10 somehow?

let isWinner = true
let isWinner = !isWinner

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A big hint for this task is that you can directly assign the result of a comparison to a variable. Like this:

let example = 3 == 2 // equals operator
// example ends up storing the Boolean "false" since 3 is not equal to 2.

let example2 = 3 != 2 // not equals operator
// example2 ends up storing the Boolean "true" since 3 is not equal to 2.

With that knowledge you should be able to figure out the answer to the challenge.

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Thank you, that solved it. Didn't know about that, very nice of you and to answer so quick as well. Cheers!

let isWinner = intitalScore != 10

Thanks all guys for your thoughts!

Anna Brown
Anna Brown
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I still can't get it. I guess I need to watch the video again.

Lloyd David
Lloyd David
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let isWinner = 10 == 10

I found success with :

let isWinner = 9 != 10

let isWinner = initialSore != 10