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why we have to install capybara/rspec . What is benefit of using this gems for this Odot app?

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Maciej Czuchnowski
Maciej Czuchnowski
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It's an alternative testing suite for Rails apps. The default one uses minitest and this one uses RSpec. It's just a matter of preference, some companies/developers prefer the former, some prefer the latter ( I personally like RSpec with Capybara tests because they read more naturally. The creator of Rails seems to hate RSpec (

Clarissa Lao
Clarissa Lao
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I have the same problem, I just resolved it on my mac.

If "could not find gem error" , go directly to the site and copy and paste code to be placed on Gemfile and on Sumblime text, Installing manually: eg:

  1. to install rspec-rails go to:
  2. pick out a version you want, copy code for Gemfile to the gemfile : gem 'rspec-rails', '~> 3.2.1'
  3. copy code for install and paste to terminal: gem install rspec-rails -v 3.2.1
  4. try to "bundle" on terminal again

you can repeat this for the capybara using google "install capybara gem"