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Alvin Hue
Alvin Hue
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catalog.php view details

When I am on the catalog.php page, when I clicked the individual items it didn't direct me to details.php page, I think it will be more practical to make this works, the problem is I don't know how to do it, anyone can help? Thanks!

Brian Patterson
Brian Patterson
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I have the same question. Did I miss something. If you click "view details" it does not direct you to the details.

2 Answers

Brad Barnes
Brad Barnes
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I'm having this problem too, and I have updated the functions.php page with the teacher's notes. So when I click on the links for details nothing happens

The full output for get_item_html() should look like this:

$output = 
    "<li><a href='"
    . 'details.php?id='
    . $id
    . "'><img src='"
    . $item['img']
    . "' alt='"
    . $item['title']
    . "' />"
    . "<p>View Details</p>"
    . "</a></li>";

That's working for me!