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Challenge 1 of 2 - Upper/ Lower

I'm not getting this challenge right, can you please help.

The question asks: In a library database there's a books table. There's an id, title, author, genre and first_published column. Write a query that will return only the title and author. Bring back the title in lowercase and the author in uppercase. Alias them as lowercase_title and uppercase_author respectively.

Below is one example of what I have tried. What am I getting wrong? Thanks.

SELECT title LOWER(title), author UPPER(author) AS 'lowercase_title', 'uppercase_author' FROM books;

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Steven Parker
Steven Parker
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You're pretty close, but in both cases, you should put the field name as the argument to the function, but not also by itself. And each column alias must be applied individually instead of both at the same time:

SELECT LOWER(title) AS 'lowercase_title', UPPER(author) AS 'uppercase_author' FROM books;

Ah! Steven, thanks for clearing that up! Much appreciated!