Java Java Basics Perfecting the Prototype Censoring Words - Using String Equality

Challenge #2 won't run

if (firstExample.equalsIgnoreCase(thirdExample)) { console.prinf("first and third are the same ignoring case. \n\n." );

The code above won't run. What is wrong with it?

remi poolen
remi poolen
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in this particular piece of code you are missing a closing curlybracket on your if-statement ( this one: } ). But i cant see the exact assignment or the errormessage so if this was not the correct solution maybe you can add the link to your exact code in the assignment?

2 Answers

Long Nguyen
Long Nguyen
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You have a couple syntax errors. First you're missing a closing bracket at the end of the if statement (You can always omit brackets if you have single line statements). Second you misspelled printf.

It should look like this:

  console.printf("first and third are the same ignoring case");

Long and Remi, Thank you for the reply. When I ran it yesterday it worked and I corrected printf and ended it with a closing curly bracket.