Python Flask Basics Templates and Static Files Template Inheritance

faraz malik
faraz malik
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Challenge 4 of 6 of flask basics

put the contents of title tag inside index.html
from flask import Flask
from flask import render_template

app = Flask(__name__)

def index():
    return render_template('index.html')
{% extends 'layout.html' %}
{% block title %}{{super()}} Smells like Bakin{% endblock %}
{% block content %}  
<h1>Smells Like Bakin'!</h1>
<p>Welcome to my bakery web site!</p>
{% endblock %}
<!doctype html>
<head><title>{% block title %}Smells Like Bakin'{% endblock %}</title></head>
{% Block content %}
{% endblock %}

1 Answer

Hi, I see 2 problems here.

  1. in templates/layout.html: You have {% Block content %} and you should have {% block content %}.
  2. in templates/index.html: You need to put the original title of index.html in the title block, so instead of {% block title %}{{super()}} Smells like Bakin{% endblock %}, you would put {% block title %}Homepage{% endblock %}.

after making these changes you should be good to go!