Jonathan Garza
Jonathan Garza
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Challenge Code Not Passing, but works in Workspaces

I'm having issues passing this challenge. I opened a workspace to help find errors. When I found a solution that worked, I copied into the challenge and was shocked to get the "Bummer" error message.

Here is the text from the challenge:

Alright, here's a fun task!

Create a function named combiner that takes a single argument, which will be a list made up of strings and numbers.

Return a single string that is a combination of all of the strings in the list and then the sum of all of the numbers. For example, with the input ["apple", 5.2, "dog", 8], combiner would return "appledog13.2". Be sure to use isinstance to solve this as I might try to trick you.
def combiner(*args):
    num = 0 
    string = ""

    for item in args:
        if isinstance(item,str) == True:
            string += item
        elif isinstance(item,(float,int)) == True:
            num += item

    string_num = str(num)        
    print(string + string_num)
Grant Murphy
Grant Murphy
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I am having the same issue, my code returns the expected result given in the question but am receiving the "Not getting expected result" error. I am at a loss and getting really frustrated at this point.

1 Answer

You have two issues:

1) The challenge has asked you to return (not print) the result

2) The challenge will pass in a single list (one argument). To test in a workspace try adding the following after your function:

print(combiner(["apple", 5.2, "dog", 8])) 

The result for your current code is: