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Eshaa Dhall
Eshaa Dhall
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Challenge task 1 of 1 for objects.

var paris = { population : 2.211; latitude : '48.8567 N'; longtitude : '2.3508 E';


var paris = {
    population : 2.211;
    latitude : '48.8567 N';
    longtitude : '2.3508 E';

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There are two issues with your code:

  1. Properties within an object is separated with a comma, not a semicolon. And the last property does not need a separator at the end.
  2. You misspelled the word longitude as longtitude (You added an extra t) it's a word that's easy to misspell but the challenge checker is pretty strict when it comes to naming.

If you fix those two issues like this:

var paris = {
    population: 2.211, // Changed ; to ,
    latitude: '48.8567 N', // Changed ; to ,
    longitude: '2.3508 E' // Removed semicolon and changed longtitude to longitude

Then your code will be accepted.