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Challenge task 2 of 4 Help me please

"Add third and fourth elements to the $letters array with values of "M" and "E"."

I tried going on other people's forums (Questions) and didn't find a think, I've been stuck for about 3-4 days now and forgot to post about this issue.

Thank you for your help :D

function codein(){
        var code = ["O","n","e"," ","l","i","n","e"," ","a","t"," ","a"," ","t","i","m","e"];
        for (var i = 0; i < code.length; i++){
            document.write(code[i]); // This line here
            $('#bg p').text(code); // maybe replace it with code[i] as well.

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Antonio De Rose
Antonio De Rose
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There isn't a need of a function, first in place, and then, and I think, you are mixing the javascript code for PHP tasks.


$letters = array('A','C','M','E');

echo "Today's challenge is brought to you by the ";
echo count($letters);
echo " letters: ";
foreach ($letters as $letter){
  echo $letter;
echo ".";