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Challenge Task 3 of 4: Getter and Setter

The challenge is this: "Next, we need getter and setter methods for our member variable. Let's start with the getter method. Add a method to get the value of shipType."

Everytime i recheck the code, the error "Bummer! The naming convention is 'getVariableName'.". I need help
public class Spaceship {

    public String shipType;

    public String getType() { 
        return shipType;

3 Answers

samuel zaffran
samuel zaffran
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Everything is said in the bummer message, the name of your getter method need to be : getVariableName, for now you have getType, but type isn't your variable name, your variable name is shipType so : getShipType() sould do it! Hope it helps !

Thanks for the response, Samuel! It worked.

challenge 3

public String getShipType() { return shipType; }

challenge 4

public void setShipType(String shipType) { this.shipType = shipType; }

public class Spaceship{ public String shipType;

public String getShipType() { return shipType; }

public void setShipType() { this.shipType = shipType; }