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Ali Iftakhar
Ali Iftakhar
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Challenge Task in MVC. Help regarding format

The prompt is asking me to put Title followed by Publisher in parenthesis. So like this, Title (Publisher). Here's my code, the server isn't accepting this solution. Can anyone please correct me? Thanks.

namespace Treehouse.Models
    public class VideoGame {
    public int Id {get; set;}
    public string Title {get; set;}
    public string Description {get; set;}
    public string[] Characters {get; set;}
    public string Publisher {get; set;}

    public string DisplayText{


        return Title + "(" + Publisher + ")";



1 Answer

Justin Horner
Justin Horner
Treehouse Guest Teacher

Hello Ali,

I believe the challenge is looking for a space after the Title. Try adding a space before the first parenthesis like this.

 public string DisplayText {
    get {
        return Title + " (" + Publisher + ")";   

I hope this helps.