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Christopher Kemp
Christopher Kemp
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I can't get the program to return "speed OK" when there is an entry over 60. I thought I had the syntax correct in my else and elsif conditions, but the program still won't work

def check_speed(speed)
  if speed < 45
    puts "too slow"
  elsif speed >= 45 && <= 60
    puts "speed OK"
    puts "too fast"

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Jennifer Nordell
Jennifer Nordell
Treehouse Staff

Hi there! You're super close, but you do have a syntax error and it's in your elsif statement. Every time you're doing an evaluation you have to say exactly what should be compared. You could have an evaluation that is dependent upon two different variables. Like if today is Friday and I have money, then go to the movies. In that case, you'd likely have a variable day and balance.

In your elsif you wrote:

  elsif speed >= 45 && <= 60

But that should be:

  elsif speed >= 45 && speed <= 60

With each comparison, you have to explicitly say that speed is still what you're checking and not some other variable. Because it cannot work out which variable should be less than or equal to 60, it results in a syntax error.

Hope this helps! :sparkles: