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Code challenge error

For the past few days I have been getting the following error when submitting my code for the Actions and Func challenge

Oh no! There was a temporary issue running this code challenge. We've been notified and will investigate the problem.

If you continue experiencing problems, please contact support athelp@teamtreehouse.com.

It looks like a system error. Is anyone else experiencing similar issues?

FWIW here's my code:

using System;

namespace Treehouse.CodeChallenges
    public class Program
        Func<int, int> Square = delegate(int number)
            return number * number;

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Steven Parker
Steven Parker
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I've noticed that sometimes, if you make an error unanticipated by the challenge designers, the challenge checker will just crash instead of giving you a useful hint. In those cases, I pretend it said "Bummer" and look for something I might want to change.

:point_right: In this case, it looks like you just forgot to put "public" before your declaration.

That worked, thank you.