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Code challenge help please

Instruction: Create a for loop that logs the numbers 4 to 156 to the console. To log a value to the console use the console.log( ) method.

I can't see why I'm getting a syntax error no matter how hard I look. Can someone please explain?

var conNum = '';

for (var i = 4; i < 4;  i > 156; i += 1;) {
  conNum = i;

2 Answers

Liam Clarke
Liam Clarke
Treehouse Moderator 19,705 Points

Hi Charles

Almost there with your loop. your passing too many arguments to the for loop for what you need.

the for loop folows the following syntax:

for ([initialExpression]; [condition]; [incrementExpression])
  • First, set the initial expression - We want the loop to start at 4
  • Second, set the condition - We want the loop to iterate up to 156 (i less than or equal to 156)
  • Third, increment i each loop iteration - i++
for ( var i = 4; i <= 156; i++ ) {
  conNum = i;

Also, you are console logging outside the loop, if you wan to log every iteration add the console log inside the loop which gives the final solution looking like below:

for( var i = 4; i <= 156; i++ ) {

Does this make sense?

Chikanma Ibeh
Chikanma Ibeh
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why does "i+=1" not work? Does it not do the same thing?

for( var i = 4; i <= 156; i+=1 ) { console.log(i); }

That makes a lot of sense. Thanks