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Elena Man
Elena Man
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Code from Index.html from the project files doesn't match the one in the video


I have noticed that the code inside the Index.html in the project files I have downloaded regarding this video doesn't match the one in the treehouse workspace.

Maybe I am on the wrong file but can you please check? (AJAX_Basics_Project_Files/stage3/video1/index.html/)

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Cody Selman
Cody Selman
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Hello Elena,

It looks like I'm a few weeks late to answering your question, but I figured I would respond just in case any curious people stumble upon this question as I did.

When I loaded the Workspace for the "Introducing jQuery" video, the workspace had the appropriate index.html file. It's likely that you've loaded a previous workspace rather than the new one for this video. This may also be a caching issue. You may want to try and clear your cache and try loading the workspace again.

Best regards,