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General Discussion

Bobby Martin
Bobby Martin
8,624 Points

Code Oregon, is it still happening?

I'm living in Portland and have been using Treehouse for over a year now. I was wondering if Code Oregon was still going on. I would love to be a part of this, if thats still possible. Does anyone know anything about it? I've looked at a few different pages and can't seem to find any current posts on this. Any help would be great. Thanks!

Bobby Martin:

Yes, it is! Sign up for the 2 Meetup groups for Code Oregon & Team Treehouse - Portland. Visit David Duncan's (Oregon Employment Dept.) technology web site (see below), & my Code Oregon posts on this General Discussion community page for info to stay in the loop.

www.portlandtech.org (useful links, jobs, job fair notices, Code Oregon study halls at Worksource Oregon) http://www.meetup.com/codeoregon/ http://www.meetup.com/Treehouse-Portland http://www.gameroompdx.com/code-oregon.html

There was a job fair 3-6 p.m., Thursday, December 3, 2015 at Jaguar Land Rover, 1419 NW 14th Ave., Portland, OR. There were 12 employers & 4 code schools/colleges there. Over 300 job seekers RSVP'd & others registered either 12/2 or 12/3. The crowd was BIG at the start. Sorry you missed it.

7 Answers

It seems pretty quiet doesn't it? What I've been trying to focus on at this point is going through the career program with Treehouse. Once you finish your track, you can link projects in order to show what you've accomplished. You also need to offer support in the forum for a certain amount. Like you, I signed up for the codeoregon and I'm extremely grateful because I'm able to learn on this platform because of it. Maybe try just focusing on doing the career program? Hope that helps. :)

Bobby Martin
Bobby Martin
8,624 Points

I will definitely go through the career program. Thanks!

Charles Ratkie: See my comment to Bobby Martin above about Code Oregon. I'm a Code Oregon student, too, & I'm trying to keep everyone in the loop on Code Oregon on the General Discussion page hear when I learn something. Get connected to other Code Oregon students!

Kristopher Van Sant
Kristopher Van Sant
Courses Plus Student 18,830 Points

I haven't heard much more about it either, but here's the link for you! It also looks like they're pretty active on Twitter so I'd follow them along there too to see what's going on with it. https://twitter.com/CodeOregon

Bobby Martin
Bobby Martin
8,624 Points

Thank you so much for pointing me in the right direction! I'm following them on twitter now so I know when the next job fair is happening.

Kristopher Van Sant:

See my comments to Bobby Martin above about the latest on Code Oregon.

Just came back from the Code Oregon job fair. There was about 20 or so employers there from powerhouses like Wieden & Kennedy and Jaguar to smaller startups. I'd estimate the crowd at about 100 or so including everyone from newbies to old pros. It was nice to actually talk to employers and get a sense of the skills they were looking for and get an idea of the challenges ahead!

Bobby Martin
Bobby Martin
8,624 Points

I just saw that the job fair was happening today. I wish I would have known about it earlier! I'm glad to hear that it was a success. I'll definitely be going to the next one to do the same thing. Was there a fee to attend?

Jeremy Franklin:

I attended the Code Oregon job fair yesterday afternoon, too. There were 12 technology companies & 4 code schools or colleges there. It was quite a BIG crowd in a small space, but I think it was highly successful in terms of attendance by employers & job seekers. Stay tuned for another one in the future!

Nope, you had to get a free ticket before hand though. They just checked you off a list at the door. I keep up with Code Oregon on Facebook, makes it easy.

Bobby Martin
Bobby Martin
8,624 Points

I'll follow them on facebook as well. Thanks for the insight!

Seth Kroger
Seth Kroger
56,412 Points

The also have a Meetup group where they post events. You can also get email notifications of new events it you join it.

http://www.meetup.com/CodeOregon/ (and bonus: http://www.meetup.com/Treehouse-Portland/)

I was at the job fair also and I asked all the employers if they had openings for junior web developer and none of them had.

However, if by asking "Is CodeOregon still happening?" you mean,

can you maybe still get a free CodeOregon subscription to Treehouse, the answer is: Yes!


David Duncan is the person to email such a request: David.M.DUNCAN [at] oregon.gov.

I talked to David just before the job fair and he said he still had over 1000 subscriptions left.

I see no one in this thread has over 30K points (Hi Seth).

I have over 70K points:


..and I'm towards the top of the Treehouse Leaderboard page list,

but it really hasn't done a thing for me in terms of making me more desireable for potential employers.

I would give this pragmatic advice:

Devote most of your time to creating/maintaining a really good online Portfolio (if you want to do front end web design/development).

Plus (if you you want to be considered a Full Stack Developer or a Server side developer) spend most of your time with Github projects.

Going through the treehouse courses will help you with these tasks (even if the course points/badges themselves have little real world "employ-ability" significance).

These are what may make you more desirous of employers (along with a 4 year Computer Science degree of course).

Every employer I've talked to has considered my public Treehouse profile of little or no regard.

The Treehouse courses have no government accreditation (unlike public university courses/degrees).

Oh, and the members of the TeamTreehouse "Job Team" (i.e. the "Career Program" people --like Nancy King) will tell you:

"Treehouse is not a job placement agency".

I really wish it were...

The only 'Land a Job' purpose they are willing to own up to is:

"We'll be there to help you with the basics of owning your own job hunt."

..as it says on the Careers page:


So the best (most charitable) thing I can say about CodeOregon is:

"Keep your expectations in check (as low as possible)"

James White:

Yes, points do count for something, but having a positive attitude counts more & so does developing relationships with people at the companies you wish to work for in the future. It's also a good idea to watch for technology trends that interest you & the companies that are involved with those trends. Volunteer work (at technology conferences such as Techfest NW, Viewsource, & non-profit organizations) also counts as many of the technology companies want to see what value you bring to their companies as far as contributing to the community where you live & work. Volunteer for employers' fund raising events for the non-profit organizations they donate to & support, if they are in line with your own personal values. It's who you know, what you know, & when you know it, & who do you share your knowledge with when they need it. I take time daily to read business news so I can learn something to share with other people. Being resourceful & helping other people by sharing information with them when they need it will gain you respect quickly.

You might have missed what I heard yesterday. At least 2 of the employers present at the Code Oregon job fair planned to hire people between January-March 2016. There were many job seekers there, so it's no surprise there's lots of competition. There are internships, too, & I don't think they are strictly for college graduates. I also know David Duncan is planning another Code Oregon job fair. Another of his Worksource Oregon colleagues told me personally that they hope to alternate which side of the Willamette River (west or east) to site them. (There are 9 people in Worksource Oregon in the Portland metropolitan area that coordinate job fairs & arranging a job fair for 1 individual employer at a time is too much work. It's more efficient to get a group of them together in one place.) I know that David Duncan had 33 employers RSVP to participate in yesterday's job fair, & 2/3 of them were "maybes." That's a lot of employers responding to his personal invitation to participate in the job fair. (They have to pay a fee to have a table there, too. It costs them time & they have their employees there to talk to job seekers. That's a benefit vs. applying online via human resource applicant tracking software. You still have to do that, too, but at least talking to a person face to face will give you a name to contact directly to see where your application for employment is in the process.) Any time you have 1/3 of the invitees respond to any event is a good outcome. David had over 300 Code Oregon students RSVP, too. I think the outcome was successful.

Team Treehouse, Inc. is a private company & they don't promote themselves as an accredited technological academic institution. They are not a temporary or permanent employment agency. What they do is train people over the Internet how to code. (They even hire instructors.) Colleges & universities are doing more online training. I took a Community Education class through PCC SE which was really an EdtoGO class. It was my 1st online course. I enjoyed it & knew I liked this kind of self-paced online training. I like teaching myself. Taking the incentive to learn new job skills on one's own says something positive about an individual. You're seeking to improve yourself.

I prefer to be a "balcony" person who encourages people & lifts them up, & not a "basement" person who discourages people & pulls them down to the pit of despair or the slough of despondency. (A reference to the book entitled, "Pilgrim's Progress.") There's more camaraderie in life if you respect people & there's less discord. I prefer to have as peaceful a life as possible.

Monty King
Monty King
2,712 Points

There are a lot of other aspects to getting a good job. Check out episode 245 of the Software Engineering Radio podcast. He has a lot of hints on how to own an interview and get the job you want.


Monty King:

Thanks for the additional info. It's greatly appreciated.