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General Discussion

Code Oregon Support?

I'm here because I'm with Code Oregon. I was initially skeptical because I was in Silicon Valley during the boom and subsequent bust, and I knew a lot of folks who ended up being plumbers and electricians because you can't outsource that. I've always been really attracted to coding, and am enjoying it beyond belief and I think I'm actually suited for it.

My question is if Code Oregon and this partnership is something that will actually lead to jobs. I hear that computer jobs are back in the US, especially in the Portland area, but when I went to Work Source (who I had to make sure I registered with) they were completely clueless and told me that once I completed courses perhaps they could help me find a job just like any other process.

I do have some hope, because after some searches, I came across that Treehouse is hiring a job placement person here in Portland (and I'm kicking myself for not taking the Java recruitment job someone scouted me for back in in the day-because that would make me a great candidate and I'd apply in a heartbeat), so I do have hope.

I am seriously hoping that this place really will prep for actual jobs. Sorry to be annoying, but I put in so much time here, and if it's a fun hobby--well, that would also be fun but I want to be realistic about expectations.

Hi! I'm also a Code Oregon student. The latest e-mail from October 24, 2014 states that you 1. Must register with WorkSource Oregon (do their Welcome process which takes 1 1/2-3 hrs., including posting your iMatch Skills resume or one you created; perhaps the 3 NCRC tests) within 60 days of registering for a Code Oregon course. 2. Complete your Team Treehouse Code Oregon course track. 3. Tackled outside projects that prove you have the ability to solve problems on your own. 4. You've helped out on Team Treehouse Forums by sharing your knowledge with other students. 5. You've created your Team Treehouse profile/resume which shows your experience & results. 6. Code Oregon Jobs Fair is tentatively scheduled for March 2015 (the date is subject to change).

I'm working on my Code Oregon track at SE Works (WorkSource Oregon).

You can also work on your Code Oregon course track at the Multnomah County Central Library computer lab on the 3rd floor. in the History & Literature section during the Job Seeker Lab from 2-4 p.m. daily. It took me 5 months to get the approval from Multnomah County Library to be able to work on my Code Oregon course track during the Job Seeker Lab time. (I also requested the Job Seeker Lab a few years ago after the economic recession began.)

I hope this information helps everyone who sees this post. Happy learning!

10 Answers

Heya Eileen,

I'm here with the Code Oregon project too. I feel that the support is almost nonexistent. I keep getting emails telling me to go to Worksource and register. I have registered for the Code Oregon program, I have gone to Worksource three times. It seems that the Worksource employees have very little knowledge about the Code Oregon project. I have drove past the Treehouse office a couple times, and there are meet-ups. Maybe, If I crash one of those I can get more answers.

I have also heard around the forums that Treehouse are going to be implementing some sort of job placement or search tool.

Hi. See my 2 previous posts under "Code Oregon Support" regarding Code Oregon & WorkSource Oregon. My comments should answer your questions more fully.

I also just heard today from my "Employment Specialist" that she spoke to someone local here who happened upon someone from Treehouse who said the was a meetup in the plans for fall. The woman who told me about it is going to try to see if she can find out further.

If I hear more, I'll definitely post on it. It might be nice to have a separate forum section for Code Oregon as we all navigate this.

Yes, I was thinking the same thing. A dedicated Code Oregon thread (that is sticky) would be nice. When I searched for Code Oregon in the forums there wasn't one.

WorkSource Oregon just told me that they had a security breach on 6 October, when over 850,000 accounts were compromised. I just got off the phone with them. They said it happened on 6 October, and the IT department staff found out about it the same day and fixed it, yet they still have not notified anyone registered with them about the nature of the breach, what information was stolen, who was affected, even though they have a database with people's names and private information readily available. There is a hotline number to call to see if your personal information was stolen. I found out about it through the news media.


"850,000 people potentially impacted by WorkSource Oregon security breach

Posted: Oct 13, 2014 4:45 PM PST Updated: Oct 13, 2014 7:19 PM PST By FOX 12 Staff


The Oregon Employment Department will be offering identity theft protection to jobseekers who may have been compromised by a security vulnerability.

After reviewing 1.9 million records for people who have registered with the WorkSource Oregon Management Information System(WOMIS), state officials say they've identified 851,322 people whose information may have been compromised. There's no evidence so far that the information has been used, but officials say they want to be proactive in contacting those who've registered with their system.

At the direction of Governor Kitzhaber, state officials contacted police and the state is working with them to determine whether criminal activity has occurred.

Letters will be sent within the next week to people registered in WOMIS, and, as a precaution, the employment department will ask customers to re-select security questions and reset their password when logging into their WorkSource account.

A hotline was set up Monday to help people determine whether they have been identified as someone whose information may have been compromised. The number is 1-877-643-4322. Staff will answer the hotline calls from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

WorkSource is used by thousands of people to look for jobs in Oregon"

Thanks for this info! I heard about this yesterday and changed my password, but I wasn't aware there was a hotline to call. Good to know.

Hello all: Yes, you must go through the WorkSource Oregon Welcome process within 30 days after you register with Code Oregon to be able to participate in the program. The announcement I saw was dated June 19/20, 2014 on www.koin.com. Search "Team Treehouse" or "Code Oregon" to find the article. It will take you about 1 1/2-3 hours to complete the Welcome process at WorkSource Oregon, but once that process is completed, then you're set. You have 6 months to finish your course.

If you were registered with WorkSource Oregon as of last Monday, October 13, 2014, chances are you have to reset your password & select new answers to your 3 questions should you forget your password. Usually, your password is good for 3 months, then it expires & you must create a new password. Expect a letter from WorkSource Oregon about free credit report monitoring if your employment information was compromised.

Use the Forum page on the Team Treehouse web site if you have questions. Use the category list on the right hand side of the page. Yes, fellow coders will respond to your postings & you can respond to them, too. Team Treehouse does have Help Support, otherwise. You can contact the instructor of your course through the Forum page, too, if necessary. The WorkSource Oregon people won't be able to help you with your Code Oregon courses.

Yes, Team Treehouse said there would be a job fair sometime this fall.

I hope this info helps everyone.

Kevin McFarland
Kevin McFarland
5,122 Points

Has anyone been approached at all concerning future job prospects?

Not at this time. Team Treehouse & WorkSource Oregon are coordinating efforts to arrange a job fair tentatively in March 2015. See my 2 previous posts.

Now that's it's past March, I was also wondering where the employer partnership aspect comes in, especially with the TechHire press release that came out. There's got to be a "hire" part to TechHire, right? Instead of just train in tech and then go back to working retail because no one is actually hiring outside of random freelancing...? Has anyone gotten work at local companies?

Jennifer Morkunas: I know David Duncan of WorkSource Oregon was going to be in a meeting this past week regarding the Code Oregon Tech Mentors. I'm waiting to receive his response to my inquiry. I know they are supposed to appear during the open computer labs at the various WorkSource Oregon offices. Once I hear from David Duncan, I'll post another comment under Code Oregon on this forum. David Duncan hasn't heard anything yet about a career fair for Code Oregon students. He told me he would let me know when he hears about it. Stay tuned!

Awesome, thanks! I will stay tuned

Jennifer Morkunas You're welcome. As soon as I hear anything from David Duncan, I will post information about Code Oregon Tech Mentors that I can mention.