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Amy Namdar
Amy Namdar
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Code provided in "Follow Along" and in Downloads tab not matching video.

I'm in agreement with others who said that this course started off great, but seems to be falling apart by this point. The code provided for following along should match on git and in the downloads tab. I'm working through this on my own as an exercise but it would be nice to have an explanation in the Teacher's Notes as to why it's different and how to conform it, if the code cannot be updated to match the video for some reason.

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Daniel Breen
Daniel Breen
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I didn't try, but I think they may have accidentally edited out more of the video than intended. Did you try pausing the video and getting the code to match, then spinning it up to see if it worked?

If I really wanted to learn this deeply, here's what I would do:

  1. Pause the video and match my code up with Huston's from the beginning.
  2. Follow along for the muscle memory and learning.


  1. If all else fails, the very next tag has the correct code
git checkout tags/s6v1 -b templating-with-nginclude
npm install

Something similar happened to me in the previous section with Webpack not cooperating.

SOLUTION: Try your best and if all else fails get the code from the next lesson.

It's not ideal, but at least we don't have to quit learning with 20 minutes left to go. :)

Michael Hall
Michael Hall
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this solution is the only thing saving my sanity. When the course is over, I will try to build my own app applying what I learned. I think that is the point anyway.