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Fernando Santos
Fernando Santos
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Code running on workspace but not on browser

The code is running as required on my workspace, but they don't accept it in the code challenge. I can't realize what's wrong.
def word_count(string):
    lista = string.lower().split(" ")
    lista2 = lista.copy()
    dicionario = {}
    for word in lista:
        count = 0
        while word in lista2:
            count += 1
            dicionario[word] = count
    return dicionario

1 Answer

Steven Parker
Steven Parker
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You're really close! And there's a clue in the error message you get: "Bummer: ... Be sure you're lowercasing the string and splitting on all whitespace!"

To split on "all whitespace" the argument to "split" should be left empty (or set to None). Providing a space argument causes it to split only on individual space characters. See the Python documentation for "split" for more details.