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Code runs forever

The code ive written is verbatim that in the video. However, the loop runs on even after the tickets_remaining is at 0. Why?


tickets_remaining = 100

while tickets_remaining: print("There are {} tickets_remaning.".format(tickets_remaining))

name = input("What is your name?  ") 

number_of_tickets = input(name + " how many tickets would you like to purchase?  ")

number_of_tickets = int(number_of_tickets)

total = number_of_tickets * TICKET_PRICE

print("Your total is {}".format(total))

proceed = input("{}, would you like to proceed with your purchase? Yes or No?  ".format(name))

if proceed == "yes":
    print("Thank you very much {}, please come back soon.".format(name))
    print((tickets_remaining - number_of_tickets), "tickets are now remaning!")
    print("{}, thank you very much for your interest, please come back anytime.".format(name))

print("Sorry all sold out")

Can you post your code?

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Maciej Badowski
Maciej Badowski
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Hi Benjamin, your code was running forever because (correct me if I'm wrong):

when you use

tickets_remaining - number_of_tickets

it deducts number of tickets, but does not update/save the amount in the variable tickets_remaining, meaning that every loop runs with the re-set amount of 100 tickets_remaining ... and so this will go endless.

when you use

tickets_remaining -= number_of_tickets

it is equal to

tickets_remaining = tickets_remaining - number_of_tickets

which basically is updating/re-writing the variable on the left, i.e. tickets_remaining with the result of the subtraction on the right (tickets_remaining - number_of_tickets) and as such decreases with every loop

not sure if I explained it enough but feel free to ask if unclear :)

Usually if code runs forever there is a problem with a counter or condition. You have:

tickets_remaining - number_of_tickets

whereas if you check the video @4:20 the code is

tickets_remaining -= number_of_tickets

which would decrement tickets_remaining by tickets sold each loop through

Thank you very much, revising the code to -= worked. Do you know why it wouldn't work the way I had originally wrote it?