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iOS Generics in Swift Generic Functions, Parameters and Constraints CSS Background Blend Modes Challenge

Code works in xcode playground but not in the challenge

Not sure what I'm doing wrong, I keep getting the error "Make sure your second argument has the external name transformation and type (T) -> U", it works fine in Xcode but it doesnt get accepted in the challenge.

Here's my code:

func map<T, U>(array: [T], transformation: ([T]) -> [U] ) -> [U] {
    return transformation(array)

func toSquare(_ arrayToSquare: [Int]) -> [Int] {
    var returnArray = [Int]()
    for i in arrayToSquare {
        returnArray.append(i * i)
    return returnArray

var challengeArray = [1,2,3,4,5]
map(array: challengeArray, transformation: toSquare)

2 Answers

Chris Stromberg
Chris Stromberg
Courses Plus Student 13,389 Points

You need to check your code here:

func map<T, U>(array: [T], transformation: ([T]) -> [U] ) -> [U] {
    return transformation(array)

The transformation argument type does not match what the challenge asked for.

transformation: ([T]) -> [U] 

Is not the same type as :

transformation: (T) -> U

Also the challenge is asking you to create a func with two generic parameters:

In the editor define a function named map with two generic type parameters, T and U. The function takes two arguments - array of type [T], and transformation of type (T) -> U. The function returns an array of type U.

The goal of the function is to apply the transformation operation on the array passed in as argument to return a new array containing the values transformed.

Within your func you need to loop thru the generic array [T] and apply a transformation to each element. The type (T) -> U would be applied to each of your elements.

func map<T, U>(array: [T], transformation: (T) -> U) -> [U] {

    var transformedArray = [U]()

    for i in array {
        // Here we take an array and append the result of  (T) -> U for each element 
        // in the array provided.

     // Then we return the new array of generic [U]
    return transformedArray

Legend. Thanks Chris

Deysha Rivera
Deysha Rivera
5,088 Points

Thank you for your explanation. I'm not sure how I was supposed to know from the description that I needed to use a for in loop to answer this. I don't think the clues were super clear on how to write the body of the function.