Python Python Basics (2015) Python Data Types List Creation

Colors list variable

colors = [red, yellow, blue, green, black] isn't checking.

We need a hint box otherwise i have to reload the video and I forget the context of the question. A way to view the previous video on this page as well would be helpful.

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colors = [red, yellow, blue, green, black]

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Jennifer Nordell
Jennifer Nordell
Treehouse Staff

Actually, you can try what I do when I'm stuck on a particularly stubborn challenge. If you look at the top of the challenge (in the bright pink Python bar) you'll see a series of white dots. Most likely, some of them will have a check mark in them. The one that you are currently working on will be ever so slightly larger than the others. If you mouse over the different dots, it will show a tooltip with a description of what that particular step was about. You can right click any one of these and then choose "Open in new tab". This will open that video/quiz/challenge in a new tab without disturbing your current work. Give that a shot first and see if you can get this challenge sorted on your own! :sparkles:

edited for additional hint

Here's a hint. The colors in that array should be strings. Remember how we make strings? :smiley: