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Brandy Steals
Brandy Steals
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Compile Error before coding changes

Receiving the following error before making any coding changes. How can we complete the challenge? error: Illegal static declaration in inner class Example public static void main(String[] args) { ^ modifier 'static' is only allowed in constant variable declarations 1 error

2 Answers

Jason Anders
Jason Anders
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Hi Brandy,

Unfortunately, there have been some issues with the Java challenges and the Code Checker engines. I'm sure the Support Team is working hard to fix the problem!

For the time being, I suggest continuing on with the course (if you'd like) by navigating over the challenge using the buttons in the progress bar above the video window.

Just make sure you come back later to complete the challenge so you receive full credit and the badge for the course. Hopefully everything gets up and going smoothly soon.

Keep Coding! :) :dizzy: