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General Discussion

Justin Black
Justin Black
24,266 Points

Completed Tasks are greyed out

alt text

If you view this picture, you'll notice that I have completed 5 tasks. Both in the status bar up top where 5 sections are solid colors.

However, in the lower portion, you'll notice that the last 2 are greyed out despite having them completed which also shows in the image if you bring up the larger version.

Not a huge deal as yes I can move on, but having everything else colored and these random ones being greyed out is visually dissatifying for me as a user. I look at these more so than I do the status bar up top to determine what it done, and what I can do next.

Maybe this is by design, maybe not. But I certainly would like to know so that I can move forward in peace. If it's not by design, what is the cause of this and what is being done to fix it?

I'm doing the PHP Development track and Database Foundations is greyed out even though I've completed the 8/8 achievements.

Justin Black
Justin Black
24,266 Points

Ken, you're comment brought something up and I'm looking into it now. I've been going through the PHP class as well ( albeit without watching the videos just doing the tests) and stopped just before the end of the CSS one. So I just finished that, and I'm about half way done with the jquery one, doing just the tests ( i've been using PHP, CSS, JavaScript/jQuery for many years ). So when I'm done with the jQuery, the next in line is the console foundations for me. We'll see if it colors up once I've opened it up in all my tracks that I have begun.

If that's the case, I think it definitely needs to be changed to display if the current active track has met all pre-requisites instead of being globally set across all tracks. We'll see in about 20 minutes.


I finished the jQuery course for PHP, and the Console Foundations is still greyed out for both PHP and Rails. I'm going to venture a guess and say this is NOT intended functionality and needs to be fixed.

[ Update 1 ] Completing the entire PHP track has no change as well.

Inside of database foundations all of the steps have the green check mark for me. So I'm thinking something is not working correctly.

image here: database foundations

Justin Black
Justin Black
24,266 Points

I have the same issue on mine Ken. Hopefully TH staff will jump on here and clarify as to whether this is a global flag for all courses or if it is in fact unintended functionality. Personally, I think it should be a per-track thing. ie: Database foundations should show unlocked in my PHP track, but should show locked in my Rails Track since I haven't reached it yet ( despite the fact that it'll go 'unlocked' automatically once I come to it )

Yeah, something doesn't seem right.

Justin Black
Justin Black
24,266 Points

Reviewing the HTML/CSS for it we have this for each one of the cards:

<li class="track-path">

<div class="lesson-card contained complete">

  <a data-featurette="modal-trigger" data-target="console-foundations" href="#" id="featurette-7">

    <div class="achievement-hero topic-development-tools">
        <svg class="complete-outline-icon" preserveAspectRatio="xMinYMin meet" viewBox="0 0 22 22"><use xmlns:xlink="http://www.w3.org/1999/xlink" xlink:href="/assets/icons-4bde71b892d16b28ce7dbac343c8ba5d.svg#complete-outline-icon"></use></svg>
      <span class="lesson-progress " title="Stages Completed">
      <img alt="Ipad default 2x cover dev console" src="https://wac.A8B5.edgecastcdn.net/80A8B5/achievement-images/flags/ipad_default_2x_cover-dev-console.png">

    <h3>Console Foundations</h3>


It would appear, that their CSS class for topic-development-tools is failing. So we look at the CSS and bingo we find the problem...

the problem is that their main CSS file doesn't have the proper class ruling anywhere... So, in the CSS if they added:

html.tracks-controller .lesson-card .achievement-hero.topic-development-tools{background-color:#637a91}

Then, it would/should work as intended.

You're hired.

Justin Black
Justin Black
24,266 Points

Just sent a link to this forum discussion to support, so we'll see if they fix it or not.

Justin Black
Justin Black
24,266 Points

Look at it now Ken, appears to be fixed on my screen.

Yes, same here.