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Complex formula please help

Question - In the library database there's a patrons table with the columns id, first_name, last_name, address, email, library_id, and zip_code. The library is generating new library cards that will display the full name and their library ID. The full name needs to have the last name in all caps. Create a report with two columns of results, one is an alias of full_name the second being the library_id.

My answer: SELECT first_name || " " || last_name AS "full name" WITH UPPER(last_name), library_id FROM patrons;

This is incorrect, what have I done wrong... could someone explain please

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Steven Parker
Steven Parker
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You're getting close, but the function to convert case needs to be used on "last_name" when it is first referenced. There's no syntax for modifying a select using the keyword "WITH".

Also, you aliased your constructed name as "full name" (with a space), but the instructions ask for "full_name" (with an underscore).