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Abdul haseeb
Abdul haseeb
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Make a new variable named subject that concatenates (uses the + sign) the string "Treehouse loves" and your name variable.
subject= 'Treehouse Loves'
'Treehouse Loves' + 'haseeb'

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Alex Koumparos
Alex Koumparos
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Hi Abdul,

You've got a couple of problems with your code. First, the challenge wants you to assign the concatenation of the string literal "Treehouse loves" and the name variable into the variable named subject.

Your variable subject just has 'Treehouse loves '

Your concatenation in the following line isn't being assigned to a variable.

If it was, you're concatenating the wrong thing. You're being asked to concatenate "Treehouse loves" and the variable name. You're not using the name variable, you're just using a string literal.

Hope that helps