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Shain Jones
Shain Jones
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Concatenation of name and email, where have I went wrong?

Below is the objection and below that is my query, If someone could guide me to getting the email portion corrected that would be great. I am having a disconnect with this and for some reason I have been unable to understand what I am doing incorrectly.

In the library database there's a patrons table listing all the users of the library. The columns are id, first_name, last_name, address, email, library_id and zip_code.

Generate a list of strings that are in the following format: Andrew Chalkley Concatenate the first name, last name and email address for all users.

Alias it to to_field. This will be used in the "To" field in email marketing.

SELECT first_name || " " || last_name AS "Full Name", first_name || " " || email AS "Email" FROM patrons;

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Gabriel Pierce-Lackey
Gabriel Pierce-Lackey
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You're forgetting the greater than and less than signs for formatting. As well as you have random quotes in there. We're taking the first name then last name, together, nothing around them, then < the email and a >.

SELECT first_name || " " || last_name || " <" || email || ">" as to_field
FROM patrons;